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See the entire selection of over 35,000 new house plans available to purchase

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New House Plans  See the entire selection of over 30,000 house plans available to purchase

New Tudor House Plans  Tudor homes are characterized by their steeply pitched gable roofs, playfully elaborate masonry chimneys (often with chimney pots), embellished doorways, groupings of windows and decorative half-timbering. The latter is an exposed wood framework with the spaces between the timbers filled with masonry or stucco.

New Beach House Plans  A beach house is a house on or near a beach, sometimes used as a vacation or second home for people who commute to the house on weekends or during vacation periods.

New Colonial House Plans  American Colonial homes are generally characterized by a square or rectangular facade, a central entrance and windows symmetrically placed on either side of the entrance. They are typically made of wood, stone or brick and will generally have uniformly sized doors and windows with shutters.

New Low Country House Plans  Low country house plans are southern home designs for coastal areas, specifically the coasts of North Carolina, South Carolina, and Georgia.  Low country house plans are designed to be simple and understated while also appearing elegant and graceful. This predominantly southern architecture with a coastal flair brings out the best elements in design and comfort - from tall ceilings and open floor plans to large windows and covered porches

New Mediterranean House Plans  Mediterranean homes as we know them today are based off an architectural style known as Mediterranean Revival. This style aims to emulate the feeling of being in a luxurious Mediterranean villa. It became popularized during the 1920s when a cultural obsession with wealth and leisure led to a boom in seaside resorts.Originally, the style was only used for public structures like hotels. However, eventually, architects like Addison Mizner of Florida and Bertram Goodhue of California saw that the style’s breezy layout might be a good fit for their coastal climates. It still remains most popular in coastal areas today.

New Barndominium House Plans  Barndominiums (barndos for short) are one of the fastest-growing trends in residential housing. Basically, they’re converted barns or newly constructed barn-shaped buildings, usually made of metal. By combining some of the structural components of agrarian buildings with the upscale touches of modern design, these structures bring together rural and urban architecture to create an innovative mix of both worlds.

New Transitional House Plans  Transitional house plans are a modernized traditional or classically styled home. Transitional home plans can be fresh spins on any number of styles, including - but not limited to Southern, Acadian, French Country, Farmhouse and European. With transitional-style home designs, the biggest "detail" is the lack of details which presents clean, modern, and uncluttered style in a modern built structure that will remain timeless thanks to its traditional roots.

New Ranch House Plans  A ranch typically is a one-story house, but becomes a raised ranch or split level with room for expansion. Asymmetrical shapes are common with low-pitched roofs and a built-in garage (in rambling ranches). The exterior is faced with wood and bricks, or a combination of both.

New Vacation House Plans  A vacation home is also known as secondary or recreational residence.  Often, it is located in a different place than the primary residence of the owner. Since vacation homes are only used at specific times of the year, several owners prefer renting their vacation homes when not using.

New Modern House Plans  Modern house plans feature lots of glass, steel and concrete. Open floor plans are a signature characteristic of this style. From the street, they are dramatic to behold. There is some overlap with contemporary house plans with our modern house plan collection featuring those plans that push the envelope in a visually forward-thinking way.

New Acadian House Plans  Acadian style house plans share a Country French architecture and are found in Louisiana and across the American southeast, maritime Canadian areas, and exhibit Louisiana and Cajun influences. Rooms are often arranged on either side of a central hallway with a kitchen at the back. They typically feature a steep, sloping roof with gables that shed snow and moisture effectively.